Explore Real Fossils 15pc

Price: $29.95

Item No: 54132
Ages: 6 and up

Fossils are the remains of prehistoric creatures and take millions of years to form.  They are a record of the past and a fascinating subject to study.

The superior quality fossils that you’ll find in this ultimate kit will become the prized specimens in any young palaeontologists collection.

This kit contains 15 total fossils, many of which are rare.  Highlights include: iridescent ammonites from Madagascar (they look like rainbow-colored holograms), trilobites from Morocco, sliced and polished ammonites (so you can see what’s inside these fossils), mosasaur teeth (this giant predator was even bigger than a T-rex), and a polished orthoceras (ocean fossil).

This kit also includes a 16-page fossil identification guide with tons of cool science facts about each of the specimens in this kit.

All of these fossils are millions of years old!  If you want to start a rock and mineral collection, don’t forget to buy fossils!