Glockenspiel: Pentatonic

Price: $69.95

Item No: 44576
Ages: 3 and up

The Pentatonic Glockenspiel  tuning is a basic musical phenomena that allows every child to be a successful musician from the first note struck. This scale enables the mixing of tones in any thinkable combination – it always plays heavenly, harmonic melodies.

Pentatonic music is a powerful tools to guide a child into the world of music. In order to obtain an even warmer and more sonorous scale, this instrument was tuned into a pure fifth-interval system. It is adjusted to the pitch 432 Hz, used by ear physicians (and also recommended by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Waldorf schools) to harmonize with the biological function of the ear, allowing child to relax and build up inner energy.  Your child  can’t strike a wrong note.

The AURIS-Glockenspiel tone bars are made by a special brass alloy that creates the amazing, golden sound. The bars are protected with a thin wax layer that allows you to polish them as they gets darker. We wish you lots of joy and good music with your Glockenspiel. We offer this easier-to-craft and so less expensive block glockenspiel, as an alternative to the more expensive curved model. They sound the same.