Guest Blog: Theresa Baker

Ginger and Pickles guest blogger, Theresa Baker, is a Waldorf Handwork teacher and doll maker. Mrs. Baker’s dolls have long been popular sellers at Ginger and Pickles. Her dolls will be available in our One-of-a-Kind Section periodically.

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Decorating the nature table in my classroom is always fun for me. The students love all of the handmade treasures and always notice special details. The fifth graders just finished a botany block. When they saw the sprouted bulb babies they exclaimed, “Look! They have a calyx.” The thing that interested the seventh graders, who are making dolls in Handwork class this year, is that the babies have formed heads just like their larger-sized dolls.

I saw a couple of bulb dolls on They were similar to the first one I made (far left). I then studied sprouting bulb images and decided to use darker colors. I liked each baby that I finished better than the previous one. The most recent one (far right) is my favorite so far. I’m thinking about making another sprouted bulb baby with lily of the valley flowers forming…


These dolls were made with ½” and 5/8” tube gauze, cotton stockinette, cotton velour, plant-dyed wool felt, pipe cleaners, and wool batting. The clay pots are 1.5 and 2.25 inches.