Kitty Needle Felting Kit

Price: $16.95

Item No: 49716
Ages: 9 and up

WHAT’S INCLUDED: White, gray, marigold, candy and black Corriedale wool, two new felting needles, a wooden skewer and detailed photo instructions.

MAKES HOW MANY: Kit makes one or two kitties, approximately 3in. tall.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate!

This is a simple way to begin learning the art of sculptural needle felting with kits from wool pets.

The sculpting of the fibers is done using a sharp, barbed, felting needle. Step-by-step photo instructions make it simple to create your own needle felted wool pet.

The “Easy” kits are super easy and the “Intermediate” kits have more steps involved and will take a more time to complete, but aren’t much more difficult.

All kits include two new felting needles and include almost all the needle felting supplies you need. You will need a foam pad or sponge to use as a work surface. A foam pad is listed in the art supplies. Since each kit includes two very sharp, barbed, felting needles, they are recommend them for ages 9 and up.

Younger children have been very successful with needle felting, but adult supervision is recommended for children under the age of 13.