Bow & Arrow Set

Price: $44.00

Item no: 5789
Ages: 5 and up

The bow and arrow set comes in two sizes.  A small and a large, the small one is 25 1/2 inches long and the long one in 36 inches long.  They are intended for children 5 and up with adult supervision.    This  easy to shoot, and very durable, kids bow is the result of many years of fine tuning and improving the original concept. The bow is made from Ozark Mountain Red Oak which makes it strong enough to withstand many years of shooting. The string is an elastic cord (made to our specifications) making it easy to draw back yet, still providing enough zip to bury the arrow into the target. Approximately 10lb draw weight.  Each bow comes with 2- 27 3/4 inch long arrows that are wood with real feather fletchings.

An adult should supervise the use of archery equipment and its use at all times.  Improper use can cause injury.