Meadow Lyre


Price: $179.99

Item No: 53051
Ages: 5 and up

The lyre has proved endearingly popular in many parts of the world. Throughout history the lyre has played a major role in the telling of tales, creation of games and expression of passion. It is also a meditative experience for adults used to unwind during special moments throughout the day. The true value of the lyre is its ability to harmonize the arts and sciences into an awareness of self. The lyre has been embraced by the Waldorf teaching community, curative educators, doctors, therapists and, of course, musicians.

Tuned in the pentatonic scale, the Meadow Lyre provides an ethereal tone with a delicate volume and a rich resonance. Used in grades 1-3 in Waldorf schools throughout the world, the lyre captivates children with unembellished tonality that promotes a calm and centered classroom. Beginners cradle the lyre in the left arm and strum it with the right hand. As the player progresses they learn to pluck individual strings with both hands as they accompany the music with recitation or singing. The graceful sculpted form encourages the player to position the lyre so that they may either sit comfortably or walk and play (which is why many Waldorf teachers enjoy the Meadow Lyre).

It is 21 inchers long x 7 inches wide x 1.75 inches thick. It is made with cherry wood, brass, and steel.