Ox Cart Man

Price: $16.99

Item: 28525
Ages: 3 and up

The 1980 Caldecott Award winning Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall has been a family and store favorite since we first discovered it. Yes, children learn about the yearly cycle, and they learn about the “olden days,” but this offers so much more. My children could settle in and get that dreamy look whenever we sat down with this childhood classic. Each of the three had their own special reasons for loving Ox Cart Man. When I wrote a review of seasonal books for Ed Play Magazine, I sent it to my daughter for her input. She added to the end “and he kissed his Ox on the nose” (when he sold it at market.) No trauma, just the way it was. It couldn’t be a more lovely presentation and illustration of survival. For ages 3 and up (although younger siblings can often follow along and enjoy).

AND you can always take it out again when your 5-7 year old is learning to read. I highly recommend picture books that lend themselves to being early readers. It takes away the stress when a child  already knows the story so well. Softcover.