The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy

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Ages: 3 and up

The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy ~ A Christmas Tale

A young shepherd hears a cricket singing at his feet. The cricket speaks to him and foretells that the coming winter will be both special and especially cold. Then he disappears back into the grass.

The winter is indeed especially harsh, but on a star-studded night the cricket and the shepherd boy make their way to a manger huddled low between two hills. There they find a mother and father with a child who radiates light and warmth into the world.

This innocent and warmhearted nativity tale is intended for parents to read to their children at Christmas time. While the story itself is timeless, this tale is most suitable for children from preschool to grade four or five.

Reg Down grew up in Canada, Namibia, South Africa and Ireland. After studying architecture for two years at the Architectural Association in London, England, under Keith Critchlow, he encountered the work of Rudolf Steiner. He attended Emerson College in Sussex, doing the foundation year and first year of his eurythmy training. He completed his training in Nurnberg, Germany, under Margarete Proskauer-Unger.

The father of three, he has taught in Waldorf schools in Australia, Canada and the United States for many years. He was on the faculty of Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, California from 2000 to 2010. In addition to teaching and performing eurythmy he is the author of Leaving Room for the Angels (AWSNA Press 1995 & 2004) a book on eurythmy and artistic pedagogy, and Color and Gesture ~ the Inner Life of Color (Lightly Press 2007; 2nd revised and updated edition 2011)as well as numerous articles on eurythmy, Waldorf education and anthroposophy. His first children’s book, The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly, appeared in 2004, followed by eight further children’s titles. His latest works are a novel for adults, The Fetching of Spring, (Sept 2011), the second edition of Color and Gesture (Nov 2011), a children’s book, Eggs for the Hunting(Feb 2012), and Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg, (April 2012) a tale for children aged 9-12. He lives in Sacramento, California, and is currently pursuing writing, puppetry and storytelling.