Who Makes Our Dolls?

All of our dolls are made by hand by special people for your special little one. This is the first blog in an ongoing series introducing our doll makers.

Abby has been a full-time, stay-at-home mom for the last five years. Of course she loves it but when she made her first peg doll she realized she could take care of her children and foster her creative energy.  Abby loves the challenge of painting the tiniest details, and the fact that she can work at home on a project that makes other people’s children happy too.  When I saw her samples I knew that these dolls belonged on  Ginger and Pickles website item.

Wouldn’t your children love to see themselves as a little peg doll?  It is simple: just take a picture of your child in the outfit of your choice and Abby will paint the peg to match your child’s picture.  If the outfit pattern has a small print, take a close up and include that too.  Also include the back of the head for a braid, or some other feature to be shown.  Order the doll and email us with the pictures and specifications at gingerandpicklesstore@gmail.com. What could be a more special gift?

You can get an idea from the pictures above.  I am sure you have lots of ides of your own: a seasonal doll, sports doll, birthday doll.  Why not order a custom dollhouse set of your own family!

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